Consulting and On-site Support

Consulting and On-site Support

Needing an IT Professional and Can not Spend a Lot?

Does all local IT support boil down to a single professional?

Are there chronic problems in the local structure?

Maybe our consulting and support solutions can help you:

Experience in service and technical support for different levels and specialties.
Availability of professionals for local performance, following the profile and criteria stipulated by the client – as Portuguese, English or Spanish.
Support of back-office professionals at any level or specialty (24 hours) – this service is usually courtesy of the allocation of resident professional for business hours.
Move equipment from one Data Center to the other following the standards and safety criteria stipulated by the manufacturers and the best practices of the market – aiming to use the smallest possible offline window and respect the characteristics of the customer structure.

Availability of face-to-face professionals, according to the profile, schedule and standards requested by the client, to:

1) Attendance and support to users or the internal team.
2) Monitoring, interaction and control of the Customer’s suppliers.
3) Realization of the first service – remote hands.
4) Execution of pre-determined routine tasks (check-list) – example: tape exchange.
5) Temporary allocation for replacement of professionals during leave / vacation periods, on-time and support consulting, or for new projects.
6) Trained and experienced professionals in technology management and infrastructure for critical, high performance environments; (Hands on), and implementation of new projects: service and support center, service management, projects and changes, BCP, audits and more.
7) Consultancy for moving equipment between data centers – which may include: execution of the backup; Cloud area for security backup testing; Planning and execution of technical steps (logical and physical); Disassembly, packaging, transportation and reassembly of equipment; Insurance and escort for equipment; Post maintenance consulting to monitor operations and connections.

The service is available according to the schedule, schedule and time stipulated by the customer – any additional requirements for the contracted service (such as support or extra travel) can be fulfilled with the customer’s approval on request through Service Desk (24 hours).