Linux Operating System and Opensource Tools

Linux Operating System and Opensource Tools

Outdated, misconfigured or malfunctioning servers?

Does the Linux and Opensource universe seem complicated?

Does your company know how to use the free tools in a sustainable and safe way?

IT team needs technical training and can not pause day-to-day activities to participate in external trainings?

Want to eliminate licensing costs?

Maybe our Linux solutions and Opensource tools will help you:

Professionals specialized in Linux / Opensource environments, for safe, integrated and efficient use of these resources.
Constant updating of technical concepts and professional certifications, following the recommendations and practices published by the Linux community, always respecting the demands and preferences of the Business.
Customer support in the use and maintenance of Linux environments, with in-house training on practical day-to-day (hands on) cases.
Savings in licensing costs, without giving up the quality and safety, that the right tools bring to the business.
Customization and adjustments in the free software, for integration of the technology to the Business.

The Linux expert team has experience in the administration, maintenance and support of local structures (common in enterprises and offices) and Data Center infrastructures (mission critical) – which follow global practices and standards. Some of them still work in AIX and Unix environments.

1) Automatic event alert for technical coordination – detected by the monitoring system, operated by the NOC (24 hours).
2) Personalization and use of software: Zimbra, Nagios, Zabbix, Mediawiki, among others.
3) Periodic visits to evaluate the resources and alignment with the client.
4) Specialized consultancy for new projects, training, temporary resources, etc.
5) Reports and technical documents, for diagnosis and control of the environments.