Data Center and Private Cloud Computing

Data Center and Private Cloud Computing

Tired of investing in IT equipment and resources?

Would you like to focus more on your business operations and less on infrastructure?

Know the current alternatives that the market offers in IT?

Need Temporary Cloud Environments and Can not Spend Much?

Perhaps our Data Center and Private Cloud Computing solutions can help you:

Infrastructure housed in a Tier3 Data Center (24 hours) for hosting high performance environment and availability.
Rigorous standards of safety and quality – adhering to the demands of global standards and standards.
Solutions that can be composed of mixed structure of physical servers and Cloud Computing.
Flexibility in the allocation of temporary or permanent computational resources for hosting services and data.
Hosting environments: development, testing, approval and production.
Moving between Data Centers of infrastructure equipment, which can use Cloud area for temporary operation and / or for restoration testing.

High availability, performance and security infrastructure with:

1) Contingency structure prepared to meet mission critical environments and operations, requiring high availability and performance (24x7x365).
2) Virtualized servers managed by the NT-UX team, with monitoring and support (24 hours).
3) Cluster contingency firewall, to maintain security and access control.
4) Services and features for backup and restore included.
5) Hosting high performance / availability systems and applications that rely on the Dba NT-UX team for monitoring, support and service to database environments – with expert help and advice to the development and support team.

More about the Data Center infrastructure:

Strategically located in a state-of-the-art industrial park in Tamboré, Brazil’s NAP is part of the network of Verizon-operated Network Access Points (NAPs) and home to the most important multilateral internet exchange point in Latin America. For NT-UX this characteristic was decisive for beginning the solid and lasting partnership established over 10 years ago.

With massive and redundant connectivity to local and national telecommunications networks in the local markets, Verizon’s infrastructure is geared to shelter businesses, government agencies, as well as meeting stringent security criteria.

Connected through fiber, radio and satellite, NAP do Brasil has a completely redundant infrastructure, ensuring the highest levels of availability, making it an excellent location for hosting mission-critical platforms and IP-based services.

NAP do Brasil is a secure and redundant installation designed to exceed the requirements of the companies.