Storage and SAN

Storage and SAN

What guarantees does your company offer for integrity and security of information?

Need high availability for operations and data transfer?

Are your company systems performative?

Does the integration of storage with the virtualization environment seem disorganized?

Perhaps our solutions for data storage environments can help you:

Experience in structures and components that involve the storage of data, from the storage equipment to the infrastructure that makes up the SAN.
Architecture of technical solutions that aim at performance and business continuity.
Specialized consultancy for management, support, training and maintenance of the infrastructure.
Mass data migration for maintenance, testing or transfer of environments.

Nowadays, the storage structure, besides being complex, is critical, although the interfaces facilitate the administration of its elements, passing the false impression of dominance of the environment, which can often be at risk.

We have 20 years of experience in this area, managing large and complex volumes of data and components.

1) Automatic event alert for technical coordination – detected by the monitoring system, operated by the NOC (24 hours).
2) Periodic visits to evaluate the resources and alignment with the client.
3) Specialized consultancy for new projects, training, temporary resources, renewal of support / licensing agreement and etc.
4) Reports and technical documents, for diagnosis and control of the environments.