Backup and Restore

Backup and Restore

Administration and maintenance for virtualization frame, with control and support experience in other environments.

Is the current data backup policy appropriate for your business and legal requirements (retention)?

When was the last test restore?

Maybe our backup and restore solutions can help you:

Using the local (current) backup structure or the NT-UX environment.
NT-UX backup solutions may include backup software, which can run both in the client’s local environment and NT-UX Data Center.
Areas for backup and restore of data / cloud environments, or the control and storage of backup media.

Security and integrity for your information or operations with:

1) Periodic reporting of status with the execution and performance of backups – 24-hour monitoring.
2) Restore tests that ensure data integrity and functionality of environments – adhering to audit criteria and global standards.
3) Includes complete documentation, which is periodically made available for customer feedback and analysis.
4) Adequacy of the backup policy for optimization of resources (such as tape) and control of the backup window.

NT-UX relies on specialized backup and restore professionals who have extensive experience in the tools, processes and procedures required to maintain and innovate backup and restore environments and solutions – always securely and seamlessly.

The objective of the team is to ensure the restoration or retention of data and the environment, in case of disaster and / or need, in a safe and integrated way for both the data and the Operations; Thus ensuring business continuity.

Our plans to backup and restore environments / data are always aligned with customer expectations and either Business norms and requirements – companies must meet legal requirements on retention of data or information (especially in the Health segment).

The Quality and Development environments are also important and should be included in the backup and restore policy.