Consulting and IT Management

Consulting and IT Management

Poorly scaled or troubled infrastructure?

Does the current IT environment meet the demands and real needs of the business?

Do your know how IT can innovate your company?

Perhaps our IT management and Consulting solutions can help you:

Technical architecture, Senior level, for design and dimensioning of structures or solutions.
IT specialized consulting for training, documentation, diagnosis, deployment, support and administration.
Technology Management for timely, temporary or resident assistance – common for critical and high performance environments, audit processes or manager holidays.

NT-UX counts on a group of specialized professionals of senior level, who possess qualification / experience and that are constantly updated in the diverse areas of the infrastructure, aiming to collaborate in the elaboration and delivery of more assertive IT solutions, that are able to integrate the Technology to the Business, always using the best resources and concepts of the Market.

Customized technology structures and services for the Business, generate better results, including performance and cost-benefit.

Design of complex infrastructures for high availability / performance and mission critical environments – cases such as cluster and DRP solutions – involving specialists and vendors from various areas.