Security and Networks

Security and Networks

Are slowdowns and unavailability on connections affecting operations?

Has your company ever suffered from invasion or viruses?

Would you like to not need to interact with the operators about the delivery of the links?

Maybe our security solutions and networks can help you:

Complete proxy and firewall solutions (including hardware and software) or partial solutions to control and monitor the use and consumption of the Web connection – with content filtering and access reporting.
Administration, support and monitoring of the structure of networks and security (24 hours) – lan and wan.
Expert advice for problem diagnosis – skill in solving and investigating virus intrusions / attacks.
Monitoring and diagnostics of connections for performance improvement – joint action with specialists from other areas to remedy crises or slowness.

Protection and Surveillance for infrastructure and information with:

1) Administration, support and monitoring (24x7x365) of the network components and security, with execution of predetermined procedure for the events.
2) Monitoring and control of navigation and access, with 24-hour call center and support – consumption reports, technical reports or executives.
3) Clustering of structures, such as firewall, for example.
4) Proxy and firewall solutions that include hardware / software.
5) Specialized technical consultancy for architecture of new security and network solutions, analysis of the current structure and diagnosis of the environment.
6) Acting in crises of slowness, unavailability or of attack and invasion.

NT-UX offers network and security solutions that serve both core and peripheral environments, both monitored and supervised 24 hours – to maintain the integrity and security of information and operations.