Windows Operating System and Microsoft Solutions

Windows Operating System and Microsoft Solutions

Outdated Servers?

Microsoft products and services bad sized?

Internal team has expertise in all Microsoft resources?

Would you like help with the integration and use of Azure (Microsoft Cloud)?

Maybe our specialized Windows solutions and Microsoft products will help you:

Professionals specializing in Windows environments and Microsoft products / services.
Constantly following the recommendations and practices suggested by the manufacturer, always respecting the requirements and preferences of the Business.
Integration and customer support in using Azure (Microsoft Cloud).

The team of Windows experts and Microsoft resources is accustomed to working in critical, high-performance environments that make use of Microsoft’s structure / products in both the local infrastructure and the NT-UX or Azure Data Center.

1) Technical coordination dedicated to the supervision of services and environments.
2) Experience and recycling in Microsoft concepts, services and operating systems: AD, Wsus, Exchange, among others.
3) Periodic evaluation of the resources, with answer to the doubts or needs of the client.
4) Specialized IT consultancy for integrated business solutions architecture, implementation, support and maintenance of structures and services – in addition to hands on training.
5) Acting in projects, temporary or punctual needs.
6) Consultancy specialized in environmental sizing and licensing guidelines.