What is the real situation of your company’s database?

Is your information secure and integrated?

Does your system or application have performance issues?

Maybe our database solutions will help you:

Consulting and administration specialized in databases at fair prices;
Database support and assistance to the development team;
Participation in audit processes, meeting global criteria and standards;
Your company with the best of technology in databases.

Stability, performance and efficiency for systems and applications with:

1) Proffesionals specialized in the area of databases, such as: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and others;
2) Support to the development team, with Tunning of applications and technical maintenance activities or new projects;
3) Updates in the production and development environments, following a rigorous process for managing and controlling chances (RDM), according to pre-agreed flow with the cliente and team development, Always using the best Market practices, such as Cobit Governance and ITIL.
4) Consultancy specialized in environmental sizing and licensing guidelines.