How is the health of your business infrastructure?

Lately you have been tracking the use of your computing resources?

How much has your business grown in the last period?

Is your IT proactive with regard to intercurrences?

Maybe our monitoring solutions can help you:

Identification of events quickly, at the first sign of the problem – with predetermined procedure execution (24 hours), which includes notification by email, SMS or telephone.
Performance even before services become unavailable or slow.
Carrying out manual monitoring where automation is not possible.
Monitoring 365 days a year of availability, access and consumption of resources and services.
Indicators of availability and performance (KPI), which assist in the management of the Business.

Preventive performance, resource optimization and performance indicators with:

1) Identification of possible logical or physical failures in infrastructure assets and services, such as equipment, systems and applications or communication / links – data collection to diagnose problems.
2) Anticipation of events that may compromise the operation, making it slow or unavailable – with threshold integrated to the criteria and requirements of the Business.
3) Monitoring the consumption and behavior of IT resources, to optimize the use and help in the projection of infrastructure growth – link, servers, databases, backup, network and security components (important action against virus / invasion).
4) When focus is Business, online monitoring of services and operations, collecting data for performance and performance indicators – management information about their operations, on a single dashboard.

The monitoring system is exclusively and safely available for consultation and follow-up by the Customer.

Our NOC structure (24 hours) is integrated with the Customer Service and Support Center, aiming to optimize the waiting time of users and increase the technical capacity of the team – monitoring solutions can include manual tasks of high / low complexity.